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MBBS Admission in Georgia


Georgia is one of the most preferred location for studies in abroad, as it has a literacy rate of 91% and people here are friendly and good to adjust with. Georgia enjoy a Southwest Asian subtropical climate. Georgia is well-known for its folk dance and music, as well as its cuisine.

Georgia is also considered for it safety of living as it has the 85th rank in the Global Peace Index.


In recent times, Georgia has emerged one of the top destinations for MBBS aspirant students from India. Studying MBBS in Georgia is considered to be a remarkable opportunity for students of India in abroad, as it is a home of 15 leading MBBS universities for Indian students, MBBS in TBILISI Georgia may seem a relatively new destination, but its moderate environment, fun-loving people, experienced faculty members ensure that students who have sought MBBS admission in Georgia acquire the best in class MBBS education and make a successful career after completing MBBS in Georgia.

More than 5000 Indian students are pursuing medical studies, MBBS, in Georgia. Having a teacher to student ratio of 1:20 in most of the universities of Georgia.

Medical study (MBBS), in Georgia is of 6 years, where in 5 years of academics study is done and 1 year of internship is done, leading to futuristic approach of career building and better education.

Georgia government allocates a good amount to medical education in Georgia, leading to better education and good opportunities of scholarship and grants for deserving students who prefer to study medical in Georgia.


As government of Georgia has put loads of focus and funds in the medical studies in Georgia leading to better opportunities for students aspirent for learning MBBS from Georgia. We have jotted down some of the better points which may give you better understandings for why to do MBBS from Georgia:

  • Quality education
  • A global acceptance to Georgian Way of Teaching and Training to MBBS students
  • Globally recognized MBBS degrees from MCI, WHO, UNESCO, European Council, etc.
  • Better job prospects
  • English as the medium of teaching
  • World-Class curriculum for Medical education
  • Plenty of extracurricular activities, like seminars, debates, tours, etc.
  • Equal emphasis on theoretical and practical approaches of teaching
  • The moderate climate around the year, perfect for MBBS students
  • Internationally acclaimed faculty members
  • International students enjoy a special discount on travel
  • Students can enrich their experience by getting in touch with visiting professors from Canada, UK, Europe, USA, etc.
  • Students Exchange programs with other European universities in countries like the UK, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, etc.
  • You can do a job during summer vacations and semester breaks
  • Chances of getting permanent residency in Georgia after completing MBBS in Georgia
  • 100% assurance for the student visa to deserving candidates
  • Down to earth people
  • Safety of international students
  • A rich multicultural society


Food – GEL 20 (Rs 500)
Public Transportation- GEL 50 (Rs 1300)
Basic Utilities – GEL 152 (Rs 4000)
Monthly Rent – GEL 726 (Rs 19,500)
Internet and mobile charges-GEL 50 (Rs 1300)
Other costs –GEL 40 (Rs 1000)
Currently 1 Indian Rupee equals 0.037 Georgian Lari


Flight transportation is available from India to Georgia, It can take 9 hrs to 13 hours to journey from Delhi to various locations in Georgia. Air fare is nominal and pocket friendly for Indian people.