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MBBS Admission in Philippines


Philippines, island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of some 7,100 islands and islets lying about 500 miles (800 km) off the coast of Vietnam.

Philippines has many cultural affinities with the West. It is, for example, the second most-populous Asian country (following India) with English as an official language and one of only two predominantly Roman Catholic countries in Asia (the other being East Timor). Despite the prominence of such Anglo-European cultural characteristics, the peoples of the Philippines are Asian in consciousness and aspiration.



Popularity of MBBS from Philippines is getting push in India now a days, as no additional language is required to be learnt for country like Philippines, as 95% of the population speaks English language in Philippines, which is a big drawback in countries like China and Russia. MBBS here has also got a boom as seats in medical universities in China fills up by June end.

Various universities of Philippines have got Medical Council of India (MCI) recognition, which means if you study medical from those universities, you can get jobs in any part of India and world. Studying MD / MBBS in Philippines has advantages such as good weather and low cost medical colleges for Indian students. Hence, it became a great option for students who want to pursue their MBBS abroad



Philippines has an awesome weather and low cost medical colleges for students from India. Studying in Philippines is a great opportunity for Indian students as:

  • The government has a good focus on the medial studies in the country
  • Quality education is provided in most of the medical university
  • Indian students who complete their MBBS from a Medical University of Philippines can easily get a job in India as the MBBS degree obtained from a Philippines University is recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Low cost MBBS studies.
  • Good weather and friendly environment for Indian students.

Many extracurricular activities and sports activities are held in the medical colleges that keep the students fit and active.


  • Food – 150 PHP (Rs 204)
  • Public Transportation- 500 PHP (Rs 700)
  • Basic Utilities – 3000 PHP (Rs 4000)
  • Monthly Rent – 12,000 PHP (16000 Rs)
  • Internet and mobile charges- 200 PHP (Rs 270)
  • Other costs 400 PHP (Rs 545)

Currently 1 Philippine Piso equals 1.36 Indian Rupee


Flight transportation is available from India to Philippines, It can take 20 hrs to 38 hours to journey from Delhi to various locations in Philippines. Air fare is nominal and pocket friendly for Indian people.