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Crimean Federal University

Till 2014, study MBBS in Ukraine was as popular as MBBS in Russia among Indian students due to the fact that the temperature is moderate in this region. Crimea Peninsula is usually known as Crimea. Crimea State was a part of Ukraine till 2014 and after the war broke out in Dec 2014 in the eastern region of Ukraine; Russia took over the complete control of this region. Crimea is on the southernmost tip of Ukraine, it never got affected by the war situation. This is the reason many people are confused if this region is in Ukraine or Russia. However, it is amply clear that the region is completely controlled by Russia and one can easily search that on the internet. Further, the Medical Council of India also has confirmed in the latest list of approved MBBS universities abroad that the university is present in Russia.

Rector’s Message

I have a pleasure to welcome you to the University, one of the oldest European universities, we are proud to offer our medical, dental, pharmaceutical and postgraduate education programs. The University offers an intimate, collegial environment, which fosters human values and genuine learning. This is in harmony with the traditional idea of living and learning together.

Office of the Rector is always open to you.


Dr. M. Korda, Rector

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