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Ukraine is a country that falls in the European continent. It lies in the eastern part of the continent. Geographically Ukraine makes borders with the Soviet Union alias the Russian federation in the East and the northeast, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are the country that forms the neighbors of Ukraine in the west, Belarus to the northwest, Moldova and Romania in the Southwest. The water bodies like the black sea and the Sea of Azov lies to the South and southeast respectively.

The country has an area as large as six lakh three thousand six hundred and twenty eight kilometers square that is a figure of 603,628 km. The vastness of the area makes Ukraine significantly the largest country of the largest continent Europe. As per the records and available scriptures.

It has been a country that although has got the maximum area but remained divided throughout the re-occurrences of civil wars. Ruled by a large number of independent powers Ukraine finally found its independence when the structure of Soviet Union was ultimately dissolved. The country is home to around 46 million peoples and has got reasonable attributes in the field of art, music and architecture.

Ukraine - Quick facts & figures

4.2 crores
603,628 km²
Ukrainian hryvnia
Eastern European Standard Time (GMT+2)

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